Office 365 released by Microsoft includes a group of software and services such as Microsoft Office, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and Excel that incorporate a cloud service that is always up-to-date. Office 365 makes it easier than ever to collaborate virtually on any device. It supports most popular browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Users of mobile devices such as iPad, tablets, Blackberry phones by RIM will also be supported.

How to download Office 365 for free

Step 1: Create an Office 365 email

Go to to create a Microsoft account

Go to to create a Microsoft account

Step 2: Sign in your Office account

Go to and log into your Microsoft account or the .edu email that you have created.

Enter your office account.

Click “Next” to enter password

Step 3: Change language

To change language, to to Settings on the right corner of the page, select “Language” and  choose the language you want to use.

There are different language options for you to choose. Select “English” if you want to use English.

If you want to check your account information, click on your user name icon, then select “My profile” or “My account” to manage your information.


Click on “My profile’ to see your profile information

You can see your account name, and you can add your profile information

Click on “My account” to see your account information and set up your account

Personal information displays your account information. Subscription describes your User unique identifier and other subscriptions.

Step 4: Download Office 365 to your device

From the home page of, click on Install Office, then select Office 365 Apps. It leads you to downloading Office 365 to your device.

If you select “Other install options” , this will download to installa the following applications on your computer: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business

If you would like to install single application from the list of applications of Office 365, click on single symbol of each application to download.

Step 5: Launch the Office 365 installation from the downloaded file.

Run the file you have downloaded and set up the software. Click “Next” at the first screen and accept the default settings at the next several screens.

Step 6: Complete the installation of Office 365

Your installation is complete when you see the phrase “ You’re all set! Office is installed now” and an animated effect is played to show you where to find the Office application on your computer. Select Close.

Step 7: Activate your Office 365

Get started with Office applications by opening any application, such as Word or Excel. You did not find Office after installation?

In most cases, Office is activated after you start an application and after you select Accept to agree to the License Terms.

For the account that you buy from us, you will not have to enter license.  You just download and install to the computer, then proceed the installation, and your applications will be activated with free 1TB and can support on Windows, Mac and mobile. You can buy it here.

Step 8: Log out your account

After using your application, if you want to log out of your account, go to:

That’s all for the instruction on how to download and install Office 365 into your devices.


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